During the morning of Tuesday 25th June, Oak class solved The Sticky Problem! Using a menagerie of ingredients such as vinegar, skimmed milk, flour, boiling water and baking soda, they made three different types of glue and were tested for their strength, waterproofness and removability from clothes to see which glue was most appropriate for use. The children decided that Glue A was the best of them all: it was made from just flour and water!


During the afternoon Tuesday 25th June, Oak class were privileged to have visitors in from Lancaster University. Dr Irene Wise and her colleague Sophie Bentley spent the afternoon investigating the possibility of the exploration of Mars, looking at how Science Hunters use Minecraft to simulate the environment on Mars and how scientists have conducted many investigations into landing on Mars – there have been lots of crashes! The children’s task was to use coding to transport a robot, using micro:Bits and downloading the information from the computer coding program. Oak class had lots of fun and maybe this afternoon was the beginning of a future astronaut’s career!