Welcome to Oak Class 2021-2022!

Welcome to Oak Class!

Oak Class is a class of 30 Year 6s. Mrs Poole is the class teacher. Mrs Glover is the TA in Oak Class every morning and Mrs Griffin is also in class every morning and two afternoons a week. Mrs Coreless is also in class for two afternoons a week. Mrs O’Donnell teaches French, Music and PSHE and completes the spellings and times tables tests on Thursday morning.

Our email addresses are:

[email protected] (Mrs Poole)

[email protected] (Mrs Glover)

Please click on the links below to access the following information about Oak Class:

Timetable: Timetable Oak Class Autumn 2021    Timetable Oak Class Spring 2022   Timetable Oak Class Summer Term 1 2022  

Class Information letter:  Oak Class Term 1 letter 2021-2022     Summer Term Letter 2022 

Topic Webs:

Autumn Term Topic Web: War and Peace Topic Web 2021

Spring Term 1 Topic Web: Go with the flow topic web 2022

Spring Term 2 Topic Web: LancasterCastle topic web 2022

Summer Term 1 Topic Web: Brilliant Baghdad topic web 2022