Reading at Ellel St John’s

We love books and reading at Ellel St John’s! We aim to make sure our children are immersed in books from the time they join us in Reception to when they leave at the end of Year 6. Children have access to a wide range of good quality reading materials in their own classroom reading corners, through our reading scheme, in the stimulating range of books we use for our ‘Guided Reading’ sessions and also in our well stocked school library.

As well as developing in our children a love of books and knowledge of genres and authors we also provide them with clear building blocks to develop the skills they need to become fluent readers. From starting in Reception, children are taught ‘Letters and Sounds’, a systematic, synthetic approach to learning how to read. They move through the phonic phases until they are confident and enthusiastic readers.

The school uses Oxford Reading Tree as its main reading scheme but supplements this with a range of books from other schemes as appropriate. These books are all colour coded for easy recognition and graded in order of difficulty. We encourage parents to become involved by reading to, listening to or just talking about books with their children. Reading diaries are used to record books read and also as a means of communication between parents and teacher to help support the reading process. A variety of events are held throughout the year to inform and educate parents on their role and how they can best help their children. The school also makes use of Reading Volunteers to listen to children read across the school.