At Ellel St. John’s, we come together for a daily act of Worship, whether this be as a whole school, in our Key Stages, as a class and sometimes at St John’s Church. Worships are led by a variety of people: Worship Council; Mrs FitzGerald; Mrs Massey and all the other teachers; Craig and Ian; NISCU and sometimes visitors from outside school and from other world faiths.

We believe that no one value is more important than any of the others and give our pupils a voice to select a worship value to be the focus for each half term, encouraging them to respond to local, national and global issues. A programme of our Worship values can be found on the link below:

Worship Planner

Below you will find links to our half termly Worship plans:

Service Worship Plan Spr 2 2024

Peace Worship Plan Spr 1 2024

Advent Worship Plan Aut 2 2023

Courage Worship Plan Aut1 2023

God’s Wonderful World Worship Plan Sum 2 2023

Justice Worship Plan Sum 1 2023

Lenten Journey Worship Plan Spr 2 2023

Friendship Worship Plan Spr 1 2023

Hope Worship Plan Aut 2 2022

Respect Worship Plan Aut1 2022