Welcome to Sycamore Class!

We are a class of 30 amazing Y5  children taught by Mrs Padfield.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Nicks.  Mrs O’Donnell teaches R.E. and Computing on Wednesday afternoon.

In Sycamore Class we work with a GROWTH MINDSET. This means we have a go, try different strategies to solve a problem, try our best and try not to say ‘I can’t do it’ but ‘I can’t do it yet’.

We also aim to ‘ Encourage one another and build each other up’ – 1 Thesslonians 5:11.

We love to share our thoughts and feelings on a range of topics and issues and are very good at expressing ourselves!

We thoroughly enjoy our daily Stilling Time which promotes our mental well-being. We use a variety of resources and activities for Stilling Time such as breathing techniques, Gonoodle, calming music, mindfulness colouring and yoga.


Golden Peg

To get your name on the Golden Peg is a great honour! It  is given for a variety of reasons e.g. for effort, perseverance with a challenging task, achievement or for a kind act.

Tri-Wizard Cup

We are great fans of Harry Potter in our class so it seems only natural that we have a Tri-Wizard Cup award. To be awarded the Tri-Wizard Cup and get to keep it on your desk, you have to do nothing at all.

This is because it is awarded for just being you!

Everyone in the class writes a positive thing about the recipient, which is chosen at random, onto a post-it note. The notes are put into the cup and the person receiving it can keep them to read and take home.


Please click on the links below to access the following information about Sycamore Class:

Academic Year 2019/20

Autumn Newsletter:

Autumn Newsletter 2019



Topic Information:




SYCAMORE CLASS TIMETABLE Y5 Summer 1st Half Term 2019

SYCAMORE CLASS TIMETABLE Y5 Spring 2nd Half Term 2019

Sycamore Timetable

Class Letters: 

Sycamore Class Summer Newsletter 2019

Newsletter – Autumn 1st Half Term 2018

Spring Term Newsletter

Topic Information: 

Summer Term

Our topic for Summer Term is …


This is a science based topic which looks at reversible and irreversible changes. Please find further details in the topic web below:

Make a Change Topic Web 2019

Spring Term

Our topic for Spring 2nd Half Term is…


This is a Food Technology based topic which promotes a eating a healthy balanced diet. Please find further details in the topic web below:

Heroes and Villains Topic Web 2019

Our topic for Spring 1st Half Term is…


This has a Geography focus, with other subjects linked in. Please find further details in the topic web below:

Amazing Amazon Topic Web

Autumn Term

Our topic for the Autumn Term is…WAR AND PEACE. This is a history based topic which will be linked to other subjects.

Please find the topic web attached: War and Peace Topic Web