Welcome to Acorn Class!

Class Information

Welcome to the Reception Class at Ellel St. John’s Primary School. We are looking forward to working together so that we have a very exciting and productive year.

We are a class of 27 children. Our teacher is called Mrs Tyson and our teaching assistant is called Mr Cross. We also have Miss Fisher and Miss Winstanley (Tracey) on a Tuesday whilst Mr Cross runs Forest School.

We’d like to say a very big welcome to the new children and their families that are joining us. We hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that Reception has to offer!

All learning areas are developed with the children.

We are an Early Adopter school which means that we are taking on the revised Early Learning Goals a year early. These ELGs will be statutory from September 2021 – EYFS Early Adopter Early Learning Goals

Development Matters – Non-statutory curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage

Early Adopter Letter

Acorn Class Timetable

Maths Overview – Reception Maths Medium Term Plan

Class Letters – Acorn Class Autumn Term Welcome Letter 2020

As a school we value the importance in strengthening partnerships between parents/carers and professionals. In Acorn Class we encourage ‘WOW’ moments in order to celebrate children’s home achievements.  We are very keen for parents to become involved in these as we recognise the importance in children connecting what they learn at school to their home and community. We ask parents to share with us children’s ‘WOW’ moments. If your child says or does anything at home that to you, demonstrates a ‘WOW’ moment of learning, then we encourage you to write it down on a ‘WOW’ slip (WOW home slips), cut it out and send it back into school so we can celebrate them in group time and display them on our ‘WOW’ board. If you would like to send in photos to support the ‘WOW’ moment you are more than welcome to do that too!

Topic Information 2020-2021

After an initial ‘getting to know you’ and settling in period we will begin our first topic of the year ‘Marvellous Me!’

This topic is chosen to ease children into school, so they can get to know their new surroundings and class members. We will be getting to know the members of our class! We will also be covering aspects of Autumn, as well as celebrating Harvest. Our topic will also allow us to cover cross curricular Literacy and Maths activities. The children will learn and reflect through playing and exploring, actively learning and will be encouraged to create and think critically through our topic.

Topic webs and initial proposed coverage – Marvellous Me Topic Web Marvellous Me Continuous Provision

Topic Information 2019-2020

‘Summer Term 2020’

Our Home Learning Topic for the Summer term will be all about animals – ‘All Creatures Great and Small!’

Animal Topic Web

We will focus our learning on different types and groups of animals e.g. Minibeasts, Pets, On the Farm, Jungle & safari, Under the Sea etc. Where will our learning take us!

‘Spring Term 2020’

Our topic for the 2nd half term, as chosen by the children, is all about Space – ‘Destination Outer Space!’

Space Topic Web     Space Continuous Provision Ideas

Leading on from the childrens’ interests and Christmas excitement we decided upon a topic all about toys – ‘Toys and Us!’

Toys and Us topic web

‘Autumn Term 2019’

Our topic for the second half term is ‘Let’s Celebrate’ and our learning will be based around Celebrations and Festivals. This will include Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Autumn, St. Andrew’s Day, Advent, Christmas and Hanukkah. The children have even helped to choose the topics and the learning that will take place!

Let’s Celebrate Topic Web 2019

Our topic for the first half term is ‘Marvellous Me!’ – Marvellous Me Topic Web    Marvellous Me Continuous Provision Plan

Topic Information 2018-2019

‘Summer Term 2019′

Our final topic of the year, as chosen by the children’ is all about animals. We decided to call the topic ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. Again, we will take on themed weeks and the children have already asked for pets, farms, minibeasts, safari, zoo, jungle, arctic, rainforest, woodland, dinosaurs, etc. We can’t do that many weeks!

Animals and Minibeasts Topic Web     Animals and Minibeasts Continuous Provision Plan

Our first topic for the Summer term is ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. We will take themed weeks from the childrens’ interests e.g. Pirates, sea creatures etc.

Under the Sea Topic Web     Under the Sea Continuous Provision Plan

‘Spring Term 2019’

Our topic for the second half term is based around our love of books – ‘Once upon time…’     Stories Topic Web

For the first half term, we decided upon a topic all about toys – ‘Toys and Us!’ We are really looking forward to our trip to Legoland Discovery Centre!

Toys and Us Topic Web          Toys and Us Continuous Provision Plan 2019

‘Autumn Term 2018’

Our topic for the second half term is ‘Let’s Celebrate’

Let’s Celebrate Topic Web

Our topic for the first half term is ‘Marvellous Me!’

Marvellous Me Topic Web      Marvellous Me Continuous Provision Plan