Welcome to Holly Class!

We are a Year 2 class consisting of 30 children.

Our class teacher is Miss Walton and our class teaching assistants are Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Fisher.

Please click on the links below to access the following information about Holly Class:

Timetable: Holly Class Timetable

Class Letters: Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter

Topic Information:

Our first topic for Autumn is ‘A Day in the Life of…’. You can view our topic web by clicking on the link below:

A Day in the Life of 2018

In this topic we will be learning about the daily lives of people who help us. Our history focus will be on Florence Nightingale, we will be learning about her and comparing her life as a nurse in the Victorian times to the life of a nurse today.

Our second topic for Autumn is ‘A Toy’s Story’.

A Toys Story Topic Web

In this topic we will be looking at toys from the past and toys from all around the world. We can’t wait to meet the children’s favourite soft toys for our special picnic.

Our next topic is all about Festivals around the world.

Fantastic Festivals Topic Plan

Our first topic for Summer term is ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

How Does Your Garden Grow Topic Web 2019

Here is our summer newsletter: Summer 1 Newsletter 2019

Here is our summer timetable: Holly Class Summer 1 Timetable 2019