Welcome to Hazel Class!

We are a class of 31 amazing children.

Our  teacher is Mrs. Padfield . Our teaching assistant is Mrs. Fisher.

As well as this, Mrs O’Donnell teaches us on Wednesday mornings and Mr. Garvey teaches P.E. on Monday afternoons.

In Hazel Class we love to learn and have fun whilst valuing each other for just being ourselves.


Contact details

  • You can email me using the address:

[email protected]

Please note that emails may not be checked during the school day so if you have an urgent message, please contact the school office. I will aim to respond as soon as possible but please do allow up to 48 hours for a response to non-urgent enquiries.

I will communicate urgent information via ParentApp, otherwise I shall be posting what we have been doing on the class blog.


Please find below:

Summer 1st 2022


Summer newsletter 2022

Topic Web to follow


SPRING 2nd 2022

Y3 TIMETABLE Spring Term 2 2022

Spring newsletter 2022

Extreme Earth Topic Web Spring 1st Term 2022

SPRING 1st 2022

Y3 TIMETABLE Spring Term 1 2022

Extreme Earth Topic Web Spring 1st Term 2022



Y3 Timetable Autumn Term 2021.docx

Y3 Newsletter Autumn Term 2021

Topic Web – Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age


Y3 School Day

Start of the day

There will be a ten-minute window from 8.45 – 8.55 in which children in Hazel Class can arrive at school. Please bring your child onto the playground (either via the side gate or the Silks gate).

They will be met by the class teacher or TA and allowed into class as soon as they arrive.

End of the day – 3pm

The children will be dismissed onto the playground where they can meet you.

Class Charter

The children created a Class Charter, that will help to keep us all safe, happy and ready to learn!

Class Charter

Growth Mindset

In Hazel Class we work with a GROWTH MINDSET. This means we have a go, try different strategies to solve a problem, try our best and try not to say ‘I can’t do it’ but ‘I can’t do it yet’.


Stilling Time

We thoroughly enjoy our daily Stilling Time which promotes our mental well-being. We use a variety of resources and activities for Stilling Time such as breathing techniques, Gonoodle, calming music, mindfulness colouring and yoga.


Star of the Week

To be awarded Star of the Week is a great honour! It is given for a variety of reasons e.g. for effort, perseverance with a challenging task, or for a kind act. As a special bonus we also get a small prize!