This week is our last week in school. We usually have a more relaxed timetable but I still wanted to provide activities for the children to complete. There will be daily activities set but they may not be as formal as what they have been. There will be lots of games for maths and work on your favourite book for English. I will also attach extra activities. If you still want more formal tasks feel free to provide these for your child or you could use the BBC Home Learning to support this if you wish:


Day 1

This week in English we are going to look at our favourite books.

My favourite books are the Harry Potter series. I love all the books and find it hard to just pick one. I started reading them as a child. My Dad had bought my brother and I books to read on our holiday to Cornwall and got Harry Potter for my brother. He didn’t like it and I had read the book that was bought for me, so I decided to read his book and absolutely loved it and have been hooked on the series ever since! I have read all the books at least 5 times and have even read some of them in Spanish too. I even queued up at midnight to go and buy the next instalments in the series when they came out! I never get bored of reading them and I am currently listening to the Harry Potter Audiobook’s.

Can you think about your favourite book and complete this book review?

For maths have a recap on doubles (adding the same number together).

Then have a go at this game:

Or you could play this:


Look out for Mr Garvey’s PE on his blog.

Have a look at this for today’s wellbeing activity:


This week for extras we are looking at the season of summer for science. Have a look at this:

Or watch this to see what seasonal changes happen in summer:


Have a go at one of the activities from one of these grids:


Or have a go at going on a summer walk and look out to see what you can find: