Today in Willow Class we have had a visitor in school, Dr Irene Wise.  She has been discussing STEM learning in schools and her particular area of expertise, engineering!  The children had lots of knowledge of what they thought an engineer is.

The children were challenged to get all the members of their group through a piece of A4 paper!!  Lots of them did similar things but unfortunately the paper ripped a lot!  Just look at their attempts.

Luckily Irene was able to show us how by cutting the paper in adifferent way we could create a very large hole in which all the members of our groups could fit through! Incredible.

   See so many more people now!

Then we listened to an alternative story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We were then set a challenge to create a safe carrier for the egg to travel to the ground.  We had limited supplies and we had to work together to create something which would hold the egg and get it safely to the ground.

Here we are planning, trying, building and modifying.

We then tested the egg carriers to see if they would protect the eggs. Irene stood and dropped them from the ceiling in the classroom.