Wow! After waiting two years we finally got to celebrate 25 years of Young Voices and we were not disappointed! We set off at lunchtime in excited anticipation, after a trouble free journey we arrived at the arena. Gasps of amazement were uttered by the children as we saw the size of the arena and the stage. We were mesmerized by the amount of people involved in laying on the concert. We loved the rehearsal and seeing all the musicians play. Urban Strides dance collective led us in the dance routines and were as awesome as ever, so much so we couldn’t sing and watch them at the same time! The Beatbox Collective were astounding, they even helped us to do some beatboxing too! After the lengthy rehearsal we ate our tea and the excitement began to reach fever pitch. Once the parents started arriving we desperately were trying to see who had arrived and where they were sitting. Finally the lights went out and the concert began. Every single child sang and danced their hearts out to all the songs. We lost our voices we were singing and cheering so much! Memories were made that will last a lifetime, friendships cemented and experiences shared. All too soon the concert came to an end and we were heading home exhausted but feeling blessed. Our coach ride home was a lot quieter than when we went! Here are some pictures from our amazing day out: