What a day year 3 had on Tuesday on our trip to Brockholes nature reserve. Following on with our ‘Animals and Plants’ we visited the local nature reserve for a day of adventures with mini-beasts and exploration in the woods.

To start the day, we were introduced to what we would be doing and had a quick quiz on what we already knew about animals from the U.K.

We then went to off to the woods and started our search for the mini-beasts. As you can see in the pictures below, we found lots of amazing creatures including spiders, worms, beetles and slugs. The pupils had a great time and then even got the chance to make some of their finds out of clay and keep them.

Following our mini-beast adventure, we needed to refuel and headed back to the visitor village for dinner.

After dinner, we set off on our walk around the grounds. Upon walking we discovered an uninhabited village and the ancient Stone Circle. This is where we believed the villagers worshipped.

Then, continuing with our walk we stumbled upon the playground in which the pupils had a little play.

To end the day we walked along the jetty to see if we could spot any sharks in the Brockholes waters, unfortunately there were no sightings but we did end up seeing a lot of  moss and a few frogs.

After a great day we would like to thank the adults who came and the staff at Brockholes for making us feel so welcome.