Below are a selection of writing activities that you could enjoy over the coming weeks:

Activity 1 – Shopping list

Go through your cupboards and kitchen and call out different items that you need to buy for the shops, get your child to write the list.

Activity 2 – Write a sensory poem

I see… I hear… I feel… I touch… I smell… I taste…

Activity 3 – Fun envelopes

Ask your child to write letters to family members and friends that cannot see at the moment and tell them that you will post them. Remind them of tricky words, to use their phonics to sound out words, write on top of the line, finger spaces, a capital letter for a name or beginning of a sentence and to finish with a full stop.

Activity 4 – Decorating the alphabet

Give your child a letter from the alphabet to write down and see what they can turn it into, an animal, a car, a castle. Can they label their picture?

Activity 5 – Role Play

Ask your child to take your lunchtime order. Can they write down everything you would like using their phonics knowledge? Expect to see some phonetically plausible words e.g. ighs kreem.

Activity 6 – Interest word

Give your child a word of interest e.g. ninja. Can they tell you a SHORT sentence about a ninja? I am a ninja. Can they remember their sentence? Can they write their sentence using phonics, finger spaces, full stop, capital letter at the beginning? Challenge – Can they extend their sentence using adjectives (describing words?) I am a super ninja and I can fight bad guys.

Activity 7 – Book list

Create and write a log of your favourite stories. What did you like about the story, what didn’t you like? Rate it out of 5 stars, decorate it with a picture.

Activity 8 – Sorting initial sounds

Have 3 sounds in three separate piles e.g. s, t, p. Can you write any words that have that initial sound and put it in the correct pile? Either you could write the words or ask your child to write them. Challenge – use diagraphs / trigraphs e.g. can you think of any words that have the ‘oa’ sound in it.

Activity 9 – Superhero

Draw a superhero and label all of its powers, what he / she can do, what they look like and who they will save. Can you write a simple story to show / tell a family member?

Activity 10 – Word challenge

Can you write a new word only changing 1 sound? How many can you write? For example: hat, bat, bag, big, fig, dig, dog…

Happy writing!

Please email a sample of your writing; I’d love to see and share some of your writing.

Mrs Tyson x

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