Good morning everyone!

I hope you and your families are all ok. I’m missing seeing you all at school very much but I know from your class teachers that you are all working really hard! Well done; I’m so proud of you all!

If we were at school, we would be doing Write Stuff every other Friday but because we’re not there, that isn’t happening. I know lots of you really enjoy writing and understand how important it is to write regularly so you don’t lose your skills and stamina.

The link at the bottom of this blog will take you to a writing prompt grid for all the week days in May from today.

Each week day has a very simple writing prompt which you can base your writing on. Those of you in Acorn and Beech Class might just draw a picture or attempt to write some sentences. Older children might do a 10 or 20 minute or even longer piece of writing. This will depend on your age and how long you usually write for in Write Stuff. However, the most important thing is to enjoy doing some writing.

I know you all have very full timetables of daily lessons from your class teachers so this is not something I am expecting you to do every day. Some of you, who really enjoy writing, may want to do it daily; others will just dip in and out, some will do it very occasionally and sometimes your class teacher may direct you to the writing prompt as your English task for the day. Remember – it is an optional extra.

Every day, there’s either a CHARACTER, STORY PLOT or SETTING prompt:

  • If the day has a CHARACTER prompt, the idea is that you write SOMETHING about a character – it doesn’t matter what… but your short bit of writing that day is about the character.
  • If the day is a SETTING prompt, you write SOMETHING about the given setting – again, it doesn’t matter what, but your bit of writing that day is about the setting.
  • If the day has a STORY PLOT prompt, you write a story using that plot as a stimulus – be that a few sentences, a story map/mountain, a paragraph or a page. Some kind of story about whatever the prompt is.

As it’s just a prompt, you can choose what you do with it. Think about all the types of writing you’ve learnt about in school and try to vary the type of writing you do. You could choose from: a diary; a set of instructions; a newspaper article; an explanation text; a story – there are so many different types to choose from! The choice is yours; you can get really creative!

Please click on the link below to access the Write Stuff Writing Ideas prompt grid for May:

Write Stuff Writing Ideas Grid

Good luck – Mrs FitzGerald