Today we spent the morning learning about our World Cup country – Japan.

Before play, we learnt about the geography of Japan, it’s islands, the seas and ocean nearby and its capital city. We also did a quiz about some of the World Cup countries using their flag and key players for clues.

After play, we learnt about the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan. They flower for just 3 weeks every spring.  Viewing cherry blossom trees is an important part of Japanese culture. Hanami means flower viewing. People from all over Japan and all over the world come to view the beautiful blossoms and to picnic below their branches.

We produced some sakura (Cherry Blossom) prints by mixing different shades of pink and then printing -they look beautiful.

We also had loads of fun playing the football games in the hall. The Year 5 children organised and supervised the games – they did a great job – thank you Year 5!

The afternoon was spent watching England V Iran. It was great to see England score so many goals!