Create a Picture Book


Children from around the country will become authors and illustrators as they make their first picture book as part of their World Book Day activities on Thursday 3rd March.

The ReadingZone Picture Book Competition 2022, in partnership with World Book Day, is challenging those aged 4 to 18 years to make their own picture book for World Book Day.

Judging their entries will be acclaimed author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre (Grumpycorn, The New Neighbours and Pugs of the Frozen North).

The competition will close on Friday 22nd April 2022, and the winners will be announced in June. The competition is open to individual children, libraries and schools internationally.  Prizes include £100 of books for each winner’s school or library, plus a free online author event for the overall winner.

Entrants:  The competition is open to children and young people aged four to 18 years in schools, libraries and homes.

Categories:   These include Young Creators (ages four to six years); Primary (ages seven years plus) and Secondary (ages 11 years plus).  There is an additional Achievement Award for the most enthusiastic ‘behind the scenes’ activities that have gone into making picture book entries, such as sharing picture books with other year groups, or the whole school getting involved.

Picture Books:   Picture books can be made by individuals, groups or whole classes, using any media and covering any subject or theme.  Each picture book should be up to 24 A4 pages in length (or less), including covers.  Books should be in portrait style (upright) rather than landscape.

Deadline:  Entries must arrive by Friday 22nd April 2022. Each entry must have a completed Entry Form attached, see How to Enter.  When you send us your picture book, please include a stamped, addressed envelope with your entry if you would like us to return your picture book.  ReadingZone will send feedback and a certificate to those taking part.

Prizes:  The four winners and overall winner will be announced in June.  Each winner will receive £100 of books for their school or library, plus a free online author / illustrator event for the overall winner.  The winning picture books will be shared online at

How To Enter

Each picture book entry will need to have a printed Entry Form attached, so we can easily identify who has sent it.  Please complete the details using the online entry form, and print it out before pressing ‘submit’, so you have a copy to attach to your picture book entry.

ReadingZone Picture Book Competition Entry Form

For multiple copies, you only need to include the school / home school or library details on your printed form; entrants can add their first name, age and the title of their picture book to each copy.

If you would like us to return your picture book, please include a stamped, addressed envelope (stamps, not a dated printout) with your entry.

Please send your picture books, plus entry form and optional SAE (for returning picture book entries), to:

PO Box 590