Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all well.

Here is the work for today.  I have set Maths, English and Topic.

Maths:  L.I.  To identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles up to two right angles by size.

Please click on the link to see the sheet. Complete these tasks into your book.

Ordering angles Monday 23rd March Triangle_Stars

This next document is an activity.  I would ignore page 1 and move onto the activity.  You don’t need card, paper is fine and you don’t need to laminate them either. I hope you find this fun to do.  Try doing it with someone at home.


Don’t forget your times tables!!

English:  L.I. To write a diary entry showing how a character is feeling.

Please read the chapter from ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and answer the questions into your book.  Make sure you write in the first person, using correct punctuation. It should be clear from your diary write how Bertie is feeling.

The Frenchman

The Frenchman Text

Topic: L.I. To research facts on a significant person in history. 

This can be done into your book over the week.

I would like you to research all you can about the boy king, ‘Tutukhamun’.  Who was he, what was his role, where did he live and what happened to him and why.  Anything at all that you find out.  You can write facts, a story, draw pictures and label diagrams to show all your new knowledge on this topic.

Useful websites: http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/tut.html

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Graham.