This week lots of you have been working extremely hard and have shared lots of great work with us all.

Here is some great work by Lily                                                                                                                                           Just take a look at this marvellous work in progress – LilysBookDavidWalliams


My in detailed telling of the monkey adventure by Jacob.  Well done Jacob this is indeed detailed.


Isaac has been working really hard and has produced some excellent Maths and English work.

Thank you to Macie for sending in her English work.


Finlay has been busy with his maths and English work on suffixes.


I think Isabelle has done some great work here with her topic work on Vikings and also with her maths.


Well done Olivia on your viking work.

vikings (1)


Thank you to Luke for sending his work in this week.  You really have been busy. Your prayer is very insightful and one we should all think about this especially at this time.

Mary, you have also worked so hard this week, just look at all your wonderful work.

And here is Noah’s work on maths and his poetry Haiku.


I can’t wait to see what you all send me next week.  Keep up the super work everyone.