Good morning Willow Class. Half way through the week already!

Thanks to all those of you who sent me work yesterday – I was thrilled to get so much great quality work!


LI – to write a diary entry.

Task 1. Read Chapter 2 of the extract: https://www.lovereadin

/The-Secret-Lake-by- Karen-Inglis.html

Note down any unfamiliar vocabulary in your Home Learning Book and find out the definitions. https://www.wordhipp

Task 2. Imagine that you are Stella or Tom. You are going to write a diary entry for one of them. Think about what has happened that day and how you are feeling as either Stella or Tom.

Tips for writing a diary.

  • Write in first person (you are Stella or Tom).
  • Write events that have happened that day in chronological (time)
  • Include how you (Stella or Tom) are feeling about the things that have happened.
  • Try to include some of the new words that you have explored this week.

Think about also including some of the Year 4 grammar/ sentence types that you have looked at with Mrs Graham this year.

Read your work through and check for spelling and punctuation. Could you improve your writing in any way?


Lancashire Big Sing! – 11am

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Wednesday 17th June            Song 3



Today we are continuing with the Oak Academy online lessons based on Shape and Symmetry. Please click the link below and then scroll down past all the measures lessons to the next section of lessons on shape and symmetry. Click on lesson 3 and then start lesson.

LI – to identify acute and obtuse angles.

Remember to work through the different sections of the lesson at your own pace and do any recording and working out in your Home Learning Book.


Stilling Time

For Stilling Time today, I would like you to say a 5 Finger Prayer.

As you say your prayer, begin by touching your thumb and pray for those closest to you – your family and closest friends. What prayers do those people need at the moment? Can we thank God for the things they do for us? Then move onto your pointy finger and so on. See the image below which explains what to pray for with each finger.

Some of you may like to record who and what you are praying for. You can do this by printing off the sheet below or by drawing around your hand in your Home Learning Book and writing around it or within each finger. You could decorate the hand and colour it in to make it look beautiful.

5 Finger Prayer


RE (This lesson follows on from the Stilling Time activity you have just done and continues our new unit of work on prayer).

LI – to understand why and how religious believers pray.

I would like you to begin by working through the presentation below:

Prayer Presentation

Task: Now, thinking about all your have learnt, have a go at writing your own prayer. You can also use ideas from your 5 Finger Stilling Time prayer. You can print out one of the pages from the link below to work on (p.1 is mild, p.2 is spicy and p.3 is hot) or you can copy the work into your Home Learning Book.

My Prayer

Extension: Click the link below to access the Prayer Fact Sheets. What else can you learn about different religions and prayer? Make some notes in your Home Learning Book. You could use these to produce a fact sheet or poster about prayer.

Prayer Fact Sheets



Please access Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today. Enjoy!

Well done Willow Class. You have worked really hard today!