Good morning Willow Class!

I saw this quote and really liked it. I hope you do too. I also hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s learning. Now for today’s work…


LI – to develop character.

Task 1. Look back at your chart from yesterday. Think about the characters and their relationships. You are going to help David Walliams write his next book by helping him invent a child and adult character.

Task 2. Draw your characters and label them.

Think about:

Is your child a boy or a girl?

Is the adult a man or a woman?

What will their relationship be? (Uncle, Auntie, Grandma, Mum, Step Mum, Dad, Step Dad, Cousin, Sister, Half Sister etc.)

What do they look like?

Do they have any unusual features?

Label your new characters. Try to use some expanded noun phrases for your labels, e.g. On top of her head she wore a ruby red beret with a large ostrich feather attached to the side.

Task 3. Write a short paragraph to introduce your characters. Include a description of what they look like and some interaction between the characters. Do your characters like each other, admire each other, trust each other, dislike each other or despise each other? Use what they say and do to show this in your writing, e.g.

As Auntie Ada entered the room, Isla froze. Immediately, her eyes darted to the floor to avoid any eye contact. “Look up girl when I walk in to the room!” demanded Auntie Ada.

From this we can tell that Isla is scared of Auntie Ada and that Auntie Ada is authoritative.

When you have finished, read through your writing and check your spelling and punctuation.


LI – to apply a range of mathematical concepts to solve problems.

For maths today, you are going to complete The Mystery of the Missing Tennis Racket problem which covers a range of mathematical concepts including: perimeter, decimal equivalents, triangles and quadrilaterals, angles and coordinates. Remember, we are trying to work out which player discovered the whereabouts of the missing tennis racket.

Yesterday, you should have solved clues 1 and 2 so today you will need to do clues 3, 4 and 5 to complete the challenge. (Again, if you want some extra work, spend some time on Mathletics on an area you’d like to improve on). The link for the mystery is below:

The Mystery of the Missing Racket

This is the link for the answers so you can see how you’ve done. Please don’t access this until you have finished the work:

The Mystery of the Missing Racket – Answers

Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time for today and enjoy your time with her!


LI – to consider why different people choose the jobs they do and to think about the jobs that you may like to do in the future.

Have a look at the following Picture News Poster and consider the question – Why do people choose to do the jobs they do?

Now, click the link below to access the Learning From Home ideas sheet based on the poster. The sheet is full of ideas and activities so don’t feel like you have to do them all unless you want to. Record your thoughts, ideas and notes in your Home Learning Book under the LI for this lesson.

Learning from Home Ideas

For your final activity, start to think about the sort of job you may like to do by completing the sheet below. If you can print it out that’s great; otherwise just work in your Home Learning Book. Good luck!