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Let’s get started on today’s work…


Focus theme: The World of David Walliams!

Enjoy a week of exploring a variety of books by David Walliams, comparing characters, watching clips of the screen adaptations, reviewing his work and lots more!

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

LI – to explore character.

Below are various opening extracts of David Walliams’ books.

Task 1: Read through the extracts and think about the characters that are introduced. (Note: You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extracts. Membership is free).

Bad Dad:


Awful Auntie:


Gangsta Granny:

https://www.lovereadin g4kids.co.uk/book/8164/Gangsta-Granny-by- David-Walliams.html

Grandpa’s Great Escape:

https://www.lovereadin g4kids.co.uk/book/1383 2/Grandpas-Great- Escape-by-David- Walliams.html

Task 2: Make a table like the one at the below in your Home Learning book and note down what you find out about the characters:

Book Main Adult Character Information that we know about them Child Character

Information that we know about them

Relationship to each other Other Character/s
Bad Dad Dad – Gilbert Racing car driver Hero

Protective of son

Son – Frank Worshipped his Dad





LI – to apply a range of mathematical concepts to solve problems.

For maths today and tomorrow, I’d like you to have a go at The Mystery of the Missing Tennis Racket problem. Although we can’t enjoy Wimbledon this year, this is a nice, summery challenge to do. It covers a range of mathematical concepts so it is really good revision. These include: perimeter, decimal equivalents, triangles and quadrilaterals, angles and coordinates. The mystery requires you to apply your maths to solve 5 clues and then you can work out which player discovered the whereabouts of the missing tennis racket.

I’d like you to do clues 1 and 2 today. Tomorrow, you will do clues 3, 4 and 5 so don’t race ahead or there will be no work for tomorrow. (If you want some extra work, spend some time on Mathletics on an area you’d like to improve on). Please click the link below to access the mystery. If you can print it great. If not, work in your Home School Book. I will post the answers tomorrow. Good luck!

The Mystery of the Missing Racket

Stilling Time

Please watch and enjoy the following video. I would like you to use this as a time of prayer and reflection. The words of the blessing are so beautiful and bring messages of hope at this uncertain time, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, we are never alone.



Please have a go at Mr Garvey’s PE Challenge for today. Let me know how you get on.


You may or may not know that today is World Ocean Day for schools. For your topic work this afternoon, I’d like you to access the World Ocean Day website. They’ve made taking part easy and fun and their line-up is scheduled around the school day with activities based around their three pillars of learning:

  • Connection – ocean-based learning
  • Create – make amazing things
  • Celebrate – championing the big blue

Everything you need is on their website and you will be able to watch everything there via pop-up windows for each session. You can tune-in at each time slot to take part in real-time with tens of thousands of children across the UK (and the world). If you leave this topic work for the afternoon and have missed a ‘show’, don’t worry as all sessions will be available afterwards to catch up with.

Everything on the website is a festival celebrating our ocean connection. The interactive line-up will include live ocean films, science lessons, music performances, yoga, breath-work, storytelling and much more! Dress up in blue on the day to get in the mood for the festival ? I’m happy for you to take this afternoon’s learning in whatever direction you want. Just enjoy the activities on the website, learn and have fun and if you want or need to record anything, you can do so in your Home Learning Book.

‘See’ you all tomorrow! Mrs Fitz x