Good morning Willow Class! I hope you all had a lovely, restful weekend and are ready for another busy week.

Before we start today’s work, I’ve got a message from Lancashire Music Hub:

Lancashire Big Sing!

Children both in schools and at home are invited to be part of our “Lancashire Big Sing!”

Thousands of children across our region were due to be part of our ‘Big Sings’ this year and Lancashire Music Hub are determined to bring together as many voices as possible in these challenging times. Therefore, we’ll be hosting a ‘Virtual’ Big Sing on our Lancashire Music Service YouTube channel available to young singers at home or in school.

Anyone can access this in school or at home – groups or individuals.

Subscribe to Lancashire Music Service’s channel where you’ll receive everything you need to join in.

Please watch this promotional video, accessible via the Dropbox link below.

Starting today at 11am, we’ll release warm-up videos and rehearsal tracks for the songs involved with help from our two Big Sing Leaders; Emma Williams and Tim Uffindell. Then on Thursday 25th June join us for a complete performance of the songs.

Videos will be released daily, as follows and will be available until the end of July 2020;

Monday 15th June           Warm Up 1

                                                Song 1

Tuesday 16th June                 Warm Up 2

Song 2

Wednesday 17th June             Song 3

Thursday 18th June                 Song 4

Friday 19th June                      Song 5


Monday 22nd June                  Get Your Voice Going 1

Tuesday 23rd June                  Get Your Voice Going 2

Wednesday 24th June             Get Your Voice Going 3

Thursday 25th June                COMPLETE Virtual Big Sing!

We would love to hear if you are joining in with us and you can do this by sharing your participation on the Lancashire Music Hub Twitter and Facebook pages using #lancsbigsing @lancmusichub

In addition Lancashire Music Hub will be compiling a County-wide video performance of ‘Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes’ and if you would like to be part of this contact for further details.

What an exciting music project! Join in at 11am for the forst session and let me know how you get on!


Now let’s make a start on today’s work:


Focus text: The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis

Embark on an adventure with The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis. Two siblings, Tom and Stella, who have recently moved to London from Hong Kong, try to solve the case of a disappearing dog!

When following links, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

(Note: You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extracts this week. Membership is free).

LI – to make predictions and explore vocabulary.

Task 1. Before you begin to read the extract, have a look at the picture of the book on the website below. What can you see? Who do you think the characters are? What is in their hands? What are they doing? Write down your answers to these questions in your Home Learning Book.

https://www.lovereadin Karen-Inglis.html

The title is The Secret Lake. Can you make any connections with the book?

Have you read any books before that have taken the characters to a secret place? Can you think of any films/TV shows that take you to a secret place? Have you ever been to a secret place?

In your Home Learning Book, write a short paragraph about any connections that you make, e.g.

This book reminds me of… because …

Task 2. Now have a look at the words below; do you know what they mean?

mercilessly, tuft, squinting, loomed, array, communal, vast

Complete a chart like the one below including definitions (what the word means) and synonyms (words that mean the same). Use a dictionary to find definitions and synonyms https://www.wordhipp

Word What I think it means Dictionary Definition Synonyms



For maths this week, we are going to be using the Oak Academy online lessons based on Shape and Symmetry. Please click the link below and then scroll down past all the measures lessons to the next section of lessons on shape and symmetry. Click on lesson 1 and then start lesson.

LI – to compare and order angles.

Begin with the quiz. Once you’ve done it, check your score to see how you’ve done. Then watch the video; make sure you’ve got your Home Learning Book to hand to make notes or complete any activities. Listen closely for any instructions. You can pause the video to complete an activity. Then click ‘Close Video’ and click ‘Next Activity’ below. The video will re-appear on the next page. If you don’t need to pause, watch it until the end. When its finished, click ‘Close Video’ and then ‘Next Activity’. Then complete the independent task and finally, do the exit quiz to end the lesson.

We will be working through the shape and symmetry lessons on the Oak Academy website for the rest of this week. I won’t explain all of the information above again – it’s the same each day. Good luck!


Stilling Time

Today, we are going to learn about and have a go at Mindfulness Patterns and the importance of doodling. I’d like you to begin by reading through the following presentation:

All About Mindfulness Patterns Powerpoint

Now that you have read that information, have a go at doing some mindful doodling. The is a link sheet below that you can print off and use as a basis for your doodling. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, you can work straight onto paper or into your Home Learning Book. Enjoy!

Mindfulness Patterns


PE: Please do Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today.



LI – to learn about renewable and non-renewable energy.

For science today, we are going to use the BBC online lesson from 10th June. Please click the link below and find the right lesson:

Work through the lesson, watching the videos and reading the information. Make any notes that you want in your Home Learning Book. There are then two online activities to complete and the final activity is to produce a poster about renewable and non-renewable energy. There is a worksheet from Twinkl to help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. I hope you enjoy the lesson!


Remember to send your completed work to me:

See you all tomorrow!