Good morning Willow Class. Friday again!!


LI – to write a chapter of a story including a range of features.

Today you are going to write the next part of the story from the plan that you created yesterday.

When you are writing, think about the following (you could tick these off when you are sure you have included them):

-Write in the past tense

-Write in third person (Stella went … they found … etc.)

– Use paragraphs when you change scene or change time

– Use some of the words you have explored this week

– Include some Year 4 sentence types/ grammar skills that you have covered, e.g. fronted adverbials for where or when, or complex sentences with adverb starters (Carefully lowering himself down from the tree, Tom surveyed the uneven ground in front of )

– Include some dialogue between the characters. Make sure that you use inverted commas (speech marks) and other punctuation to indicate direct speech,

e.g. “I wonder where Harry goes every time,” Tom said with a frown as he picked at the mound of grass with his trowel.

You could try showing characterisation through the use of description, action and dialogue, e.g. Tom stepped back and kicked the log in frustration. “Look,” said Stella firmly, “it’s no use making a fuss now. We’ll come back tomorrow.”

Remember to keep reading through your work to check it makes sense and to check for spelling and

punctuation. I can’t wait to see your completed chapters!


Lancashire Big Sing! – 11am

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Friday 19th June            Song 5



Today we are continuing with the Oak Academy online lessons based on Shape and Symmetry. Please click the link below and then scroll down past all the measures lessons to the next section of lessons on shape and symmetry. Click on lesson 5 and then start lesson.

LI – to solve problems based on angles.

Remember to work through the different sections of the lesson at your own pace and do any recording and working out in your Home Learning Book.


Stilling Time

Think back to the doodling stilling time activity that we did previously. I’d like you to turn to a new page in your Home Learning Book and get some pencils, colours pens etc at the ready. I want you to listen to the following hymn and while you do so, doodle on the clean page you have turned to. Try not to think too much about ‘what’ you are doodling, just go with it as you focus on the words of the song.

Now the song has finished, look at what you produced on your page during your doodling. Did yu draw specific things or just shapes and patterns? Why do you think you drew what you did? Do your doodles ‘mean’ anything? I hope you enjoyed the hymn – it’s one of my favourites.


Father’s Day Cards

Normally, if we were in school, we would be making Father’s Day cards for you to give to your dads or the special men in your life on Sunday. If you’ve not already made or bought a card, click the link to access the mindfulness colouring activity sheets. You can pick the one you like best and colour it in beautifully and then it can be folded to make a card. Hopefully you’ll be able to print it out but if not, you could just look at them for ideas and then draw your own. Alternatively, just make up your own design; your dad will really appreciate it on Sunday.

Father’s Day Mindfulness Colouring Cards


Friday Challenge

For your Friday challenge, I’d like you to have a go at making a boat/raft out of sticks and string. Watch the following video which explains really clearly how to do it. Once you’ve made your raft, sail it and see how well it floats. You might want to do this if you’re out near a body of water with your family this weekend or if not, you could try it out in a paddling pool or even in the bath. Remember, never play near water without an adult to supervise you and always stay safe!

Well done for another fantastic week’s work! Thank you for all the work you’ve shared with me. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Mrs Graham will be back next week but I hope to get to see you all soon.

Lots of love, Mrs Fitz xx