Dear Willow Class,

As we have now reached our Easter holiday time I would like you all to think about what this time of year means in our christian calendar. Remember that God sacrificed his life for us. So as we sacrifice our normal lives at this time, please remember that he is with us in all we do.

During the holidays I would like you to make sure you get lots of rest, fresh air when you can and remember to be kind, always.  If you feel you want to do some school work you can use your online groups such as purple mash, spelling shed and mathletics.

Here is a family grid for kindness, it has some lovely activities on for  you to do on your own or with others.  Some require you to go out into your community so make sure you check with an adult that it is safe to do so.

Family grid for kindness

This week we were sent these STEM activities by Lancaster University.  There are some great things to check out and do.  If you do any of these I would love to know about it.

STEM activities for home

And finally I have made a list of things to do either alone or with others.

Easter activities

God bless you all

Mrs Graham. x