Welcome to our first post of the academic year!

We’ve only had one day back and we’re already settling in and showing that we are a thoughtful, questioning, enthusiastic and kind class.

On the first day back we worked together to create a Class Charter which shows our agreed our Rights and Responsibilities:

Sycamore Class Charter

We have the right to:

To make mistakes

To ask for help

To have an opinion and discuss our ideas

To choose our own path

To be treated kindly and with respect

To try new things

To have our belongings respected

To be challenged

To be allowed to get on with our work


We have the responsibility to:

To treat other people’s belongings with respect

To be respectful when other people are talking

To keep everything tidy and in its place

To help out

To treat others kindly and with respect

To look after each other and cheer each other up

To take responsibility for our actions and understand how they affect others

To allow others to get on with their work

We can’t wait to share our learning with you over the coming year.

Here’s to a great year!

Mrs Padfield 🙂