Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK. Have a look at Geraldine’s blog for today and have a look at the great work Beech class have been doing! I am so proud of all of you.

Day 2


Have a look through this:

Speech Bubbles

Can you complete the parrot and captain speech bubbles? Just select one to complete if you like (writing one sentence) or challenge your selves to write 2 sentences in each speech bubble.

Encourage your child to say the sentence before they write if they are struggling.

Don’t forget:

And use your phonics:


Speech Bubbles


If you want an extra challenge you could always draw a picture of something the pirate captain and his parrot could be doing?




Today we are going to measure how heavy or light different objects are around your homes. Ask your child can they remember what the word estimate means? A good guess. When we are measuring we are going to first measure how much we think the object will weigh.

Have a look at this powerpoint on grams and kg

WEIGHT 1- day 2

Either use scales at home to see how much different objects weigh.

Or use the second sheet to compare objects around the house to see what is heavier and lighter if you don’t have scales.

maths day 2


Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this extra problem if you would like. Ask the children how do you know that? How did you work out that answer?



Please look at this for today’s phonics revision on au.


can you find any objects with the au sound in your house? Have a go at segmenting the word to spell it using your robot arms e.g. l-au-n-d-r-y and write it down.

Then have a go at this:

day 2 phonics

Just read the words and tell an adult if they are real or fake if you like.

As an extra challenge if you like, can you put the real words in a sentence?


Don’t forget to play some games on phonicsplay.com selecting the sound we have looked at today using

username: march20

password: home

if you would like extras to do.


Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this pirate themed dance




Extra activities

If you would like an extra activity to do, pick an activity from your new learning grid.

Or if you have baking ingredients at home, have a go at putting you measuring into practice and make some cakes.

extra day 2