Hi everyone! Well done to everyone who got stuck back into the learning yesterday. You are all doing so well so keep it up!



Today we are going to look at the story settings of the night pirates. Recap the story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdWxBn-xvrQ


Then look through this:

Day 2 – The night pirates

Then can you describe this setting?



Today we are continuing with addition. We will be using a number line to add as we have done in class.

Use this to recap the concept.

Adding on a number line – day 2

Then complete this activity

day 2 maths


If you can’t print off the sheet draw one number line to use and complete the additions in you book.



Have a go at this challenge if you would like.

Could you try to add (with a number line) some larger numbers? Have a go at these…

12 + 9 =

17 + 11 =

15 + 13 =

22 + 11 =

19 + 14 =



Please look at this pdf for today’s phonics revision.

Phonics recap – week 3, day 2


Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this:



Extra activities

If you would like an extra activity to do, pick an activity from your new learning grid.

Here is the link again:

home learning grid pirates and oceans



Don’t forget if you haven’t had a go at Mr Garvey’s PE, have a go now!

Let me know how you are getting on!

Mrs Quinn xx