Hi everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and have made the most of this fabulous weather. You all did so well with your home learning before the holidays and I am hoping you are all ready to get going again.

Here is a little message from me and few special guests if you haven’t seen it…

If you could fully see Geraldine’s message at the end, here it is:

We should have been starting our new topic, Commotion in the Ocean this half term. So Miss Walton and I thought we could continue with this theme. We have made a new home learning grid for you to pick activities from if you want to after you have done your Maths, English and Phonics.

Here it is:

home learning grid pirates and oceans



This week, we will be looking at a story about pirates. It is called The Night Pirates.  Here is a link to the story. When you watch think about, what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story? Who are the characters? What are the story settings, (where it takes place)?



Our activity for the day is to sequence the story. Use this story map if you can print. If not, use the second page of picture and either draw your own map and pictures to sequence the story or you could use the pictures to tell your adult what happens first, then, last etc.

day 1 English – sequencing

CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

Act out your favourite part of the story.



Today we are looking at number bonds to 10. These are the numbers you can add together to make 10, e.g. 7+3, 6+4 etc. Knowing the number bonds to 10 is really important, so a recap of these is good.

Use this pdf to recap:

number bonds to 10 – day 1

Then, complete the activity below. If you cannot print at home you could use 10 objects and split them into the number bonds and record like this:

or draw the 10 cubes like the sheet.

maths day 1

Sheet 2 is the daily challenge so complete if you want to.

Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this extra problem if you would like. Ask the children how do you know that? How did you work out that answer?

math challenge – day 1



Please look at this pdf for today’s phonics revision.

Phonics recap – week 3, day 1


Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this new visualisation. Remember to find a comfy spot and lie or sit, depending on what you like to do best.



Extra activities

If you would like an extra activity to do, pick an activity from your new learning grid. Remember to only pick one a day at the most.


PE Blog

Mr Garvey is also creating some PE blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please look out for his blogs that will be linked here to our class blog!