Happy Wednesday everyone,

Thank you to those of you who joined us yesterday on the Google Classroom.  I loved seeing you.  I think we had a great catch up and yes we will do it again before the end of term.  Watch this space…

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To write an explanation text

Please click on the link to access day two of ‘Run Wild’

Wednesday 8th July



L.I. To write decimals

Y4-Summer-Write-decimals-2020 Wednesday





For today’s stilling time I would like you all to complete a 5 stars and 5 wishes for your family.

What 5 things are great about your family, what they do, what they say etc. Then 5 wishes for your family, what would you ‘hope’ for your family.  You can do it about different members of your family.  Example:

A star – My mum tells me she loves me every day.

A wish – I hope that my brother gets to see his friends soon. He misses them.

I am sure that you can all think of 5 of each of these for members of you family.  Sit quiet and have a think. Then write them down. You may want to make a little poster display and put it on your fridge or somewhere where the family will see it.



Please log onto Mr Garvey’s blog for today’s P.E. challenge.



L.I. To learn about rivers

Please use the BBC daily lessons for year 4 on 23rd June.  It has two short videos and 2 activities.  If you read through it as it explains all the different parts of rivers.


Have a grrrrrreat Wednesday!

Love Mrs G. ???