Welcome to wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Here are today’s activities.

English: L.I. To use and correctly punctuate direct speech

Read The Button story. SPaG Activity Sheet The Button

Work to identify and highlight the inverted commas in the text.

How do we know where the inverted commas belong?  What else do we know about inverted commas?

Check out the answers here; Make sure you check it against the criteria list.

Wham Bam!

Now please look at this information on speech bubbles and then there is an activity for you to complete.

Speech bubbles info

SPaG Activity Sheet Speech Bubbles


Maths: L.I. To multiply 3 numbers.

Please watch the following video.   https://vimeo.com/491109801

Here is the work sheet:  Y4-Spring-Block-1Multiply-3-numbers


Spellings practise

Today I would like you to make sure that you practise your spellings for this Friday.  I am hoping to do either a video for you or a live spelling test via google meet.  I will let you know tomorrow (Thursday) what is happening.


R.E. L.I. To explore where Jesus’ authority came from

Read through the following stories and then answer the questions on power and authority. Please write these down and bring them when you return to school.


https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=john11+&version=NIV  Just verses 1 – 44.

Activity sheet Lesson 1


Well done everyone.

Mrs Graham. ✍????