Hello Willow Class

Recently we have had some beautiful Spring sunshine and blue skies.  I hope that you have been enjoying these.  It always makes things better when the sun shines.  It is due to be quite cold as the week progresses,  so wrap up warm and make sure that you still get plenty of fresh air. ????


Here are today’s activities:



L.I. To recognise the spelling pattern of ‘ough’.

Please read through the presentation and take part in the sorting activity at the start.  You won’t have a partner or group but have a go yourselves, then complete the tasks set.

ough presentation


Extra tasks.



L.I. To calculate non-unit fractions of quantities.

Lesson 18 today please.


Once you have done this please go onto mathletics for a practise at your fractions on there.


Class Novel:

Here is today’s episode, Chapter 8, enjoy!




I would like you to learn a song in French by heart.  When we return to school next week, it would be lovely to hear some of you sing these for the class!!

What could you learn/sing?  Well I know you could all  learn ‘happy birthday’ quite easily or maybe something else! What about a short story or nursery rhyme? I know that ‘I’m going on a bear hunt’ in French is good!  I will leave it up to you.  Bonne Chance! ?




That’s all for today, see you all tomorrow.

Love Mrs G. ??‍♀️??⭐