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Here are today’s activities:

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L.I: To explore ideas for writing my own poem.

Today’s poem is not about a pet.  Read, The Rag doll to the Heedless Child by David Harsent.  Discuss the person it is written in and to whom the rag doll is talking.  Identify form, discuss rhythm, rhyme, and language.  Relate this rag doll to a pet.  Can pets speak their love for us? No., because they do not have words.  What might they say to their owners if they could?

Please click on the link below for today’s activities relating to this poem.

The Ragdoll to the heedless child work.



L.I. To recognise equivalent fractions


Here is the worksheet which is on the lesson

Mild – Try the first 3 questions

Hot – Try questions 1 – 5

Flaming Hot – All the questions

equivalent fractions Worksheet

Challenge:  If you choose to do the challenge today there are 3 different worksheets to choose from. Do whichever ones you want.

Horizontal Format – Equivalent Fractions 1



Please have a look at the French blog for your afternoon activity today.



Make sure you make time for you today, whatever that might be. Relaxing, watching television, reading, playing, singing, cooking, going for a walk or colouring.  Have a look back at Mrs Quinn’s blog about children’s mental health week. There are some great tips and ideas on there to help you.  You can look at it anytime you like.  Remember, it’s up to you, it’s you time. ?

Have a great day.

Love Mrs G. ?????