Happy Wednesday everyone.

I hope you’re all getting on ok.

Please take a look at Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for you today.   I am still doing Joe Wicks with my son.  Some days I can’t feel my legs they are so achy.

Here are today’s activities:


Today is the last day I am assigning the Talk 4 writing. If you are not near the end it doesn’t matter as you can do it at your own speed.  The information will still be on the blog pages but you will need to go back on the dates to find it.

Y4-Unit talk for writing The King of Fishes

Remember I would love to see your finished articles.  You may write or type them it is up to you.

There is also the BBC Bitesize website for the daily lessons for year 4.


Maths:  Converting measures

Litres conversion Wed 29 Apr

Here is a video which may help. You will probably need to watch it a couple of times as it goes through the steps quickly.  Don’t use any video’s from matholia as these tell you to move the decimal and you should NEVER move the decimal, only the numbers.  Again use your place value grid to help with the times and dividing of the numbers.


Rule:     millilitres to litres, divide by 1000.         litres to millilitres, multiply by 1000. 


Today I would like you to take a moment to think about all the things you are happy to have in your life. Make a list of these special and important things.  They could include people, pets, possessions. I would suggest a good 10 or 15 minutes.  You may want to go somewhere quiet to do this, your room, in the garden (weather permitting).  What do you appreciate?  Enjoy. ??


For our other activity today I thought we could  look at;


I would like you to listen to three pieces of music.

  1. A piece of classical music
  2. A piece of music from another country.
  3. A piece of music of your own choice.

Please write down the name of the piece of music, the singer/composer/writer of the piece of music and where they come from.  Listen to it carefully.  What do you like about it. What do you dislike about it?  Have you heard this piece of  music before somewhere else?  What does the piece of music make you think of?

Challenge:  Listen to other pieces from the same singer/writer/composer.  Are they all the same? What do you think about them now?  Have you changed your mind about any of them?

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Love Mrs G. x