Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a good day today. It was a shame about the weather but hopefully it’ll improve soon and for those of us growing things at home, it’s probably done our gardens a lot of good.

For the maths work today, the answers (whether to the BBC work or the White Rose work) are on their websites so I won’t duplicate them.


I hope you found it interesting researching Treacher Collins Syndrome. It certainly helps to know more about it when reading Wonder. I hope that you were able to produce an information poster for children using your reserarch notes. I want to share Iona’s poster with you as she sent it to me earler today. What I really like about her work is how she’s got an excellent balance of facts and information about the syndrome and prompts and reminders about being kind – both to ourselves and to others. Well done Iona! I’d love it if some more of you could share your finished posters with me.

As the picture is a bit small, I’ve also put a link to a PDF of the image which you should be able to see better:

Iona poster