Happy Wednesday everyone.

Here are today’s activities:


*** Google Classroom Maths meet today at 9.30AM ***



L.I. To investigate suffixes.

Please use the link below and click on Lesson 1.  You will be learning the spelling rule for suffixes ary / ery.


If you really feel you have got this then have a look at this other activity as well.  Don’t feel pressured to do this only if you feel comfortable. I know some of you will love this challenge.

Word Sort Suffix ary ery ory



L.I. To understand what is a fraction.

Here is the video I presented if you wish to see it again.


Here are the accompanying worksheets and some alternative ones too. Only do what you can.


Activity Sheet Match It

Activity Sheet Quarter Hunt Shapes

Here is a place value grid which may help you.

Activity Sheet Tenths and Hundredths and Thousandths Place Value Grid



L.I. To understand the concept of Miracles

Please watch the following powerpoint. You may want to read through it a couple of times. You can always go back to it afterwards if you want to.

#Lesson Presentation Miracles

Here are the activity sheets. They are split into  1 star and 3 star, have a look and you decide which one you would like to do.

Activity Sheet Healing



RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Look out for a blog from Mrs FitzGerald about this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch.  Tomorrow there is a live lesson on it and a link to resources. Please take a look to see if you’d like to take part.  


That’s all for today, well done everyone!

Love Mrs Graham ?????