Good morning Oak Class! I hope you’re all ok and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I’m in school this week; very strange with so few of us here and I miss you all loads!

Now for today’s work…


We want you to do the White Rose Maths Hub Problem of the Day every day. Rather than us posting it on here each day, it’s much easier if you access it using this link:

I think we were running a few behin the actual day so if you want extra work, catch up on the ones we missed.

Remember, the KS2 problem is the BLUE one.

LI – to interpret conversion graphs involving currencies.

Look at the example at the top of p.144 and then select which section(s) to complete in your work book. Answers will be posted later. Please click the link below to access the pages. I know you had issues seeing them on Monday so I’m hoping this way will be better. If at all possible and if it helps, print them out.

Converting Currencies TYM


Yesterday, you spent time watching and researching TV news reports and recording the features in your books. Hopefully you’ve now got a big list. Today, you are going to begin planning your TV news report about the Tempest off the coast of Milan. This should be written as though you are the reporter live at the scene so should begin something like…

This is Jo FitzGerald from Ellel News reporting live from the harbour in Milan where a huge storm has been raging for hours.

Remember to include quotes from eye witnesses (this will give you the change to have a switch in the level of formality as spoken langage can be much more informal than the rest of the report). Think about the information that the general public would want: how long has the storm lasted so far; has there been any injury or loss of life; has there been any damage to buildings or property; it the storm showing any signs of ending. You could also include some speculation… is the cause of the storm purely natural or is it something more sinister? This is your chance to be really creative! Don’t forget that you are just planning today so don’t jump ahead or you’ll run out of work for the rest of the week. Good luck and enjoy!

Stilling Time

Go outside in your garden and enjoy being out in nature. As you walk around, focus on three things you can see, then three things you can hear and finally three things you can touch. Say to yourself…

Looking – what can I see? Wondering how it got there.

Listening – what can I hear? Imagining the thing making that noise.

Touching – what can I feel? Questioning – is it hard, soft, rouch smooth, natutral, man-made.

End by saying a prayer of thanks for our wonderful creation and all the things were grateful for.

Topic – art focus

This will be ongoing so do as much or as little as you want each day.

I was planning on us doing some art work inspired by the sculptor Antony Gormley. Read through the following information and make notes in your work book:

Anthony Gormley

Carry out as much additional research as you want. Then I’d like you to get really creative; you can choose to do this in whatever way you want but here are a few ideas to get you started

I’d love to see what you produce over the coming weeks. I won’t keep reposting this activity so remember to come back to it and keep it going for as long as you want. Have fun and good luck!

That’s all for now! Mrs Fitz xXx