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Welcome Oak Class to Wednesday!

Mrs FitzGerald is hosting the meeting today at 1pm.

Explorer instalment Here is today’s link for our class novel:

Reading – remember you need to keep going with reading everyday. You should read for a minimum of half an hour! Reading magazines, newspapers and online books count.


LI – To use addition and subtraction methods to solve word problems

In today’s maths we are going to be looking at solving word problems that contain addition and subtraction calculations. There is a video to watch here before starting your work:

Here is your work:

Mild – Abacus 2 p48 Maths Weds p48

Spicy – Abacus 2 p48 & 49 Maths Weds p48       Maths Weds p49

Hot – Abacus 2 p49 Kangaroo nrich task Maths Weds p49

nrich task

Here are the answers:

Weds Maths Answers

Why don’t you have a go at the daily maths challenge today? Daily maths challenge:


LI – to design a magazine article

Discover what ‘The Space Race’ was, by reading and watching these sources – making notes as you read.


Read: DK Find Out – The Space Race: https://www.dkfindout.c om/uk/space/space-race/


Watch: YouTube TedEd – ‘Who won the space race?’ – Jeff Steers: m/watch?v=FxpC-8f–xo


Imagine you have been asked to create a page for ‘Science+Nature’ magazine – about the Space Race. A sample of the magazine can be found here: inside

When designing your magazine page, you may wish to consider including these features:

  • an exciting title
  • fun-fact / ‘Did you know?’ boxes
  • subtitles for your different sections
  • Be creative with your layout – use different fact boxes and images to make your page exciting to the
  • You may also want to include additional features, such as a quiz or word

Remember to keep reading over your work to check for spelling and punctuation.

Now over to Mrs FitzGerald for the rest of the week:

Hi everyone! We will start this afternoon with our live lesson.

Stilling Time (this will be the first part of our live lesson in which we will discuss the following…)

Topic – Crime and Punishment (we will discuss today’s topic focus in our live lesson)

LI – to identify the significance of Lancaster Castle to the city of Lancaster and significant historical aspects of the Lancaster Castle building.

Yesterday, as an introduction to our new topic, you carried out in-depth research into Lancaster Castle and its history. Today, you are going to present the findings of your research in whatever way you choose. Here are some ideas but I am happy for you to choose a different way to present your findings if you wish:

  • an informative PowerPoint presentation
  • an information leaflet (handwritten or typed – you may wish to use Microsoft Publisher if you decide to type your leaflet)
  • an information poster
  • a non-chronological report
  • a filmed presentation/documentary (you could use iMovie or similar)
  • a different way of your choosing

Depending on how much research you did and how many notes you made yesterday, you may want to present all the information that you found out or you might want to focus in on a specific aspect of your research.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Well done for another great day’s work! See you all tomorrow.

Mrs Fitz 🙂