Hello Willow Class.


Here are today’s activities

*** Google Classroom meet at 9.30am for English ***


If you are logging on bright and early then start your maths first as we will share the English together at 9.30am.


L.I. To create a brochure about a holiday resort. 

Today you are going to work from the Picture News.  You will notice that it is dated Monday 22nd but just ignore this as you are doing it today instead.

Please look at the following links and think about these things:

British Values and UN Rights

What do you think about the above question?   Discuss with someone at home if you can or facetime a friend and discuss it between you.

Once you have done this, please click on the link below and read  the information

Assembly Resource

Now I would like you to complete this activity.

Activity 24th Feb

I hope you have found this interesting and learnt something new today.  If you want to share your thoughts you can email me from your gmail address. As a reminder here is my gmail address for you.   agraham@ellelstjohns.school




L.I. To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

Please select Lesson 12 on the Oak Academy website.


Here is a poster which explains what happens to help you.


Here are two videos which explain improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. Use these videos to help practice this skill.




Here are 3 different worksheets for you to choose.




Class Novel

Here is Chapter 3 for you to enjoy.



Please head over to Mrs O’Donnells blog for your French this week.



Please try to fit in some kind of exercise a few times each week.  Mr Gravey’s P.E. blog, Joe Wicks or there are lots of activities on line or you may choose to do your own activity.

That’s all for today, well done everyone!

Mrs G. ?????