Hello Willow Class,  Happy Wednesday!

How are we all doing today?  Don’t forget let me know what you’re up to and keep sending those emails.  I love seeing what you’re doing.

P.E.   – Check out Mr Garvey’s blog on your challenge for today!

English – Talk 4 writing

Today I would like you to complete pages 12, 13 and 14 today.

Y4-Unit talk for writing The King of Fishes

Mathletics – L.I. Number review including rounding, sequencing and multiplication.

I  have assigned activities for you on Mathletics.  You all have different and some will have more than others. Please try to work your way through these.  I have left the date open so you have until 5.30pm on Thursday to complete them.

Science –  ‘Animals including humans’

L.I. To name the different types of teeth in humans and explain what they do. 

Take a look at the following document. It is a powerpoint which I have converted to attach here.  It will give you information for the activities.  You do not need to do slide 8. You will however need a couple of pieces of apple!

LKS2_Science_Y4_Summer_1_Excuse_Me_Teeth_Session1_Resource2 (2)

Here are a couple of videos for you.



Here are a couple of activities for you to support your learning.  If you have any plasticine you can use it to make your models.  If not you could make some play dough very easily.  Instructions on the internet, make sure you ask an adult at home before you do this.  However if you can’t make this don’t worry there should be enough information on the videos and on the pdf powerpoint to help you.

teeth activity

matching teeth activity

Have a great day,

Love Mrs G. x