Good afternoon,

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your work today. Remember, you don’t have to do both the BBC maths and English and our maths and English challenge unless you really want to. Just choose whichever you feel is best for you.

I hope you worked hard during Mr Garvey’s PE challenge!

Here are the answers to today’s work:

English – this will be different for all of you.

Your first task was to watch the Teacher’s TV Jewellery Box clip and then write down your prediction of what has happened and why. You will hopefully have said that the mysterious voice that Elizabeth could hear is a clue that the box is sinister and mysterious… Perhaps a portal to another world or a trigger for something to happen when the lid is opened. The shop keep telling Elizabeth not to open it is also a clue about this.

Your next task was to write down some noun phrases to describe what you could see in the shop. Hopefully you should have a nice long list. I gave you a couple of suggestions: glistening necklaces, mysterious statues, etc. What did you come up with? You should then have built these into interesting sentences like my example: Glistening necklaces, which dangled in all areas of the shop, caught my eye.

Your final task was to have a go at writing a narrative for the scene from the perspective of one of the characters or even the box. You can share your fiished narratives with me and I’ll include them on the learning review on Friday.


Clue 1 – The equations should have told you that the guest who found St. George doesn’t have a green cloak – check your list of suspects and cross off all the ones who do.

Clue 2 –  By multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 100o you should have found out that the emblem of the guest who found St. George isn’t a cross or a horse so cross off all the guests who’s emblem is one of those.

Clue 3 –  The pairs of values questions tell you that the guest who found St. George has a grey or chestnut horse so cross off all the ones who don’t.

Remember – the answers are at the bottom of ther pdf so you can check them on there. Just don’t scroll too far down or you’ll ruin the final clues for tomorrow’s work.