Hi everyone,  welcome to your Wednesday blog.

I am looking forward to seeing you all this morning at 10am for a maths lesson altogether.  Please make sure you have a pencil and paper handy.


Here are your activities today:

English:  L.I. To use fronted adverbials

I would like you to use the BBC bitesize for ‘Fronted adverbials’ today.  We have done these in class but it is always good to have a re-fresh.

There are 2 videos and four activities, so we can say that:

activity 1 = MILD

If you choose MILD then please try to complete 2 sentences from HOT as well.

activity 2 = HOT

activity 3 = Flaming HOT

activity 4 = Challenge.



Maths: L.I. To understanad what is area

Please review my lesson here with a video.


You can either try the worksheet to match;

Y4 Spring Block 2 WO1 What is area

or try one of these;

MILD 20th Jan

HOT 20th Jan

Flaming HOT 20th Jan

You  can check these answers here:

Answers 20th Jan


Stilling –  As it is Wednesday we are going to have Wellbeing Wednesday!

We all know how important it is to think about enjoying the moment and not worry about what’s to come, but sometimes that can be tricky.

Today I would like you to focus on something.  I would like you to stop your school work and go and look out of  the window.  Turn off your devices and go into a room by yourself.  Look out of the window, what do you notice? What is the weather like? What can you see? If you can see the sky, what are the clouds doing. If it’s raining look at how it is falling and how it lands on the ground.  Can you see people or cars? Think about where they are going and what they are doing? Which direction?  If you can see trees, are they blowing or are they still? Spend a few minutes studying them.  Give yourself as long as you want for this task as it is all about you switching off from what you are doing. When you are ready and only when you are ready go and enjoy a refreshing glass of water.  You should feel refreshed and relaxed and ready for the rest of your day.



Science: To understand the major bones in the body.

Please look at the BBC bitesize for today’s science lesson.  There is a video and quiz and a worksheet.  It’s fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Click on lesson 2:  What are the major bones in the human body?




That’s all for today, enjoy your Wednesday and thank you for all your hard work.

Love, Mrs G. ?????