Hello Willow Class,

Here we are half way through the week already!

Don’t forget to keep sending me pictures of your work.

Today’s activities are:



L.I. To identify the features of a text.

Please log onto the Oak Academy for year 4 English. Scroll down to persuasive writing and click on lesson 3 then start lesson.




Please start with this warm up exercise;

Go to this web page for Hit the Button and select halves. Then click on halves to 10 (at the top of the list)

Once you have done that game, select the next one down ‘Halves from 5 to 15’.



L.I. To estimate money

Lesson 3 – Estimating money

Lesson 3 Answers – Estimating money



Mr Garvey’s blog please today.  I would also like you to try skipping!  If you have a skipping rope then great if not see if you can ask someone if you can borrow one or make one from some rope.  Make sure it’s long enough but not too long.

I would like you to skip forwards 20 skips and backwards 10 skips. Do 10 lots of these!

Here is a video which you can use if you are new to skipping.  It is american so they call it a ‘jump rope’ but the technique is the same.

Happy Skipping.


Picture News

As it is Wednesday this is the last day I am giving you details for this.  I hope you have managed to do some of these activities.

Learning from Home Ideas – Picture News

Wild Animal Fact File

Picture News Prompt 1 – 22nd June

Picture News Prompt 2 – 22nd June

Wild Animal Silhouettes


⭐⭐⭐  If you have completed a few of these activities already then have a look at the Science today instead. ⭐⭐⭐ 



Here is a link to the BBC daily lessons.  It is from 3rd June.

L.I. To understand food chains in the context of energy


Also there is an activity here for you from Twinkl.

Look through the Powerpoint then you can do the activity. Here are 4 options some with no colour so you can colour them and some smaller if you prefer.

Lesson Presentation Food Chains

Food Chain Tubes

Food Chain Tubes – Colourless

Food Chain Tubes – Small

Food Chain Tubes – Small Colourless

You are all working hard, keep it up!

See you tomorrow.

Love Mrs G. 🌻🌈🐦🐈🐞