Happy Wednesday Willow Class.?‍♀️

Only three more days of year 4!!!!!!

Well let’s get on and see what you have for today:


L.I. To write a letter   

You area going to write a letter to me about your time at home and about coming back to school.

Please read the information and watch the video to help you.  There is a link also for a letter planning format. You could also google how to plan a letter for KS2.


When you have finished it then you can email it to me.

Good luck everyone, I am really looking forward to receiving these.



L.I. To find equivalent fractions  ?

Here is the next lesson in the unit. It is from maths, year 4, 20th May




Stilling   ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Today I would like you to take a mindful walk.  This is a walk where you don’t go far you can go round your house or garden.  Take socks off and walk in barefeet.  You are going to walk very slowly concentrating on how the surfaces feel on your feet. Use the whole of your foot, walk silently and thinking about the feeling on your feet. You can do this with others but you are not talking or making eye contact.  You could walk about slowly thinking about what it feels like and how it makes you feel and then discuss with anyone that has done it with you. What did you notice? How did you feel? Was it too long or two short? What other things did you experience?

This activity is called being ‘mindful’ concentrating on the here and now.  Allowing us time not to think of other things, give our brains a break.

Here is a website which tells you how to get started.  Scroll down to the section named: ‘Steps for mindful walking practice’

It does say choose comfy shoes however  I felt I connected better when bare foot.




As it is Wednesday, its Mr Garvey P.E. day.  Go and have a look and give it a go.


Afternoon activities

You can choose either of these activities or do both it is up to you.

  • Now who doesn’t want to be an Inventor??  Well here’s your chance:

Read through the script then start to think about what you would make and what it would be used for. Use the ideas suggested and                     your own or course and plan your invention on the planning sheet.


I would love to see what you invent!


  • How well do you know your alphabet?  Well you may know your alphabet but can you think of something linked to your school year for each letter of the alphabet?  Have a go.  Here is a link for an accompanying sheet.


Enjoy your Wednesday


Mrs G. ????‍♀️?‍♂️