Hi Oak Class

How has the work gone today? Thanks so much for all the images and videos of work you’ve been sending to Mrs Poole and I. We’ve had much more than last week which is great! Keep it coming!

As always, with the maths work, the answers (whether to the BBC work or the Oak Academy work) are on their websites so I won’t duplicate them.


I’m hoping you all managed to come up with a quality explanation/set of instructions for your robot. Use the table below to see how many features you managed to include in your writing:

Success criteria for writing an explanation Tick
I have written a title  
I have used an opening sentence introducing what is being explained  
I have written in the present tense  
My paragraphs for each key point, explain how the robot works or what happens  
I have included technical words  
I have used cause and effect connectives e.g. because, therefore, so, as a result of, consequently  
I have used time connectives
e.g. firstly, then, after, once, next
I have written a summary paragraph  
I have used a range of punctuation   .  ,   ?   !   :   (  )  

If it helps, you can also click the link below to access the Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework for working at expected standard for writing and working at greater depth for writing. You can use this at any time like a tick list to check you’ve used the features in your writing.

Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework

I hope you all enjoyed the UK Blessing video/song that I shared for Stilling Time. Thanks to those of you that have commented about it; I will check out the other versions! If you’ve not watched it yet, please make time to and let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow everyone and lots of love!!