Welcome Oak Class to Wednesday! This picture is one that I took yesterday on my walk in the sunshine – you can see the three peaks of the Yorkshire Dales (Whernside – left, Inglebrough – middle and Pen-y-ghent – right) in the distance.

We have a live English lesson today at 10:00am – I’m looking forward to seeing you all later!


This week we are going to continue with the Oak Academy unit on coordinates and shape, this is what we would have been covering if we had been in school. This unit will last for the rest of this week: https://classroom.thenational.academy/units/coordinates-and-shape-4f3d  Click on the link and begin at lesson 7: LI -Coordinates and Shapes: To recognise nets of 3D shapes.


Topic – if you have recycling materials available you can use junk modelling to create your own robot. If not please draw a detailed plan/design of your robot because you will need to use this for your lesson.

LI – to write an information/persuasive text.

Following on from your DT junk modelling work and English work yesterday, you are going to write some information about how your robot works and persuade someone to purchase your robot.

This could be in the form of a PowerPoint, word presentation, leaflet, film an advert or animation!

Remember to include key information, lifting ideas and vocabulary from your diagram or fact file created yesterday. You may choose to insert some photographs of your robot too!

You will need to use some persuasive language too – such as ‘must have’, ‘state of the art’, exceptional. Also think about what else makes people want to buy a product such as price, guarantee and best performance available.

I am looking forward to seeing/hearing your information!

Stilling Time – Square Breathing



Li – to understand how quickly information can spread on the internet and how difficult it can be to remove something once it’s been posted.

Please watch the video below – this is me leading our PSHE/Computing lesson. Remember to pause when I tell you to or when you want to so you can think, discuss or record your work.

Here is the link to the Net Aware video that I told you about. Don’t forget to watch it:



Design a Think Before you Click poster to help you and others remember this really important message and share it with me.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me either on r.poole@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk or rpoole@ellelstjohns.school as I will be checking both accounts.

Enjoy your learning!


Mrs Poole and Mrs FitzGerald