Good afternoon everyone!

I hope that you had a good morning? Iona has shared a couple of photos of her VE celebrations with me, it looks like she had a great time – the food looked delicious and she was giving it away! That was a really kind gesture Iona. Sinjon has shared some of his VE day celebration pictures; vintage American vehicles. He’s also shared some of his gardening exploits!

I do love seeing your photo’s please keep sending them in!


The Oak Academy give you the answers as you go – please let us know your thoughts on the Oak Academy.


For the extension English task there were a number of different possible ways robots help us. This is the list I devised from watching and reading the different websites. See if your five are in my list!

  1. Explore space and other planets eg Mars Rovers
  2. RoboSimian – robots with limbs that can clean up spills such as nuclear leaks, rescue people, build cars.
  3. 3D printing robots that can transform manufacturing
  4. Phoenix Exo-skeleton that can assist humans in walking or lifting
  5. Pepper the Humanoid which sense the environment they are in, AI (artificial intelligence) is used. Currently emotional intelligence is being developed.
  6. Sensors – they monitor input and when the sensor is triggered through external forces eg light levels the street light turns on. Lots of our devices use sensors eg. Street lights, traffic lights, air conditioning, heating, burglar alarms, flight simulators.
  7. Robot vacuum cleaners and mowers
  8. Toy robots that respond to voice commands or push button commands.
  9. Drones (flying type)


Here is a link to the completed labels that you should have placed around the body. It doesn’t show you on the body diagram but I think you know where your body parts are by now!!

Science label answers

See you tomorrow for Terrific Tuesday!


Mrs Poole