Reading Books

Those of you who were in at the end of last week, will have received a few reading books. We couldn’t give out enough books to keep you going for this period out of school but I have found some good sites where there are books and comics to read to keep reading going at home.


Oxford Owl – free to register as a parent and there are free books to read linking to your child’s book band.


Big Cat –  Collins have given out a free log in to parents. Like oxford owl all the books are linked to the book bands and there are more on here. Follow this link (it says use the teacher login).

Log in username:

Password:  Parents20!


Fly Leaf Publishing –books are ready to read here, no log in required:


Phonics play have a section with comics on to read that link to the phonics phases.


Of course, feel free to read any books you have a home too as it is always good to read a wide range of books. Especially as I am sure even these books may not last the time we are off school.

If you run out of space in reading record books you can either continue to record on paper or just not record. I will be happy as long as children are reading.


As and when I find any other links I will let you all know. If any parents have any other links, please email me and I will share them.

Happy Reading, Mrs Quinn x