Good morning,


Today is Safer Internet Day so I have included an assembly and some activities for you to choose to do.

Please watch the video here;

Here are some activities for you to try either with someone else in your household, a sibling or adult or if not then read through them and try them on your own.

Safer Internet Day activities 2021

There is also a quiz :


Look out for this today too:

Virtual Event in partnership with Liverpool FC (1.30pm-2.30pm on 9th Feb)
Available on

On Safer Internet Day, we are working in partnership with Liverpool FC to stream an exciting live event for young people aged 9-11.                                              This will include exclusive content from Liverpool Football Club – virtual tours, footage from players and the community, as well as Mighty Red –
in addition to lots about Safer Internet Day and this year’s theme.



L.I. To understand coordinating conjunctions

Today you are going to access the following BBC bitesize activity.

Activity 1 – Everyone

Activity 2 – Everyone

Activity 3 – Hot & Flaming Hot.


Times tables

Don’t forget to complete this weeks times tables test on Purple Mash

I have set a 2Do to repeat every Tuesday for you to complete.



L.I. To explore the connection between fractions and division.

Please click on Oak academy, Fractions, Lesson 7 for today’s video and activity.

You will need the worksheet to use alongside the video today.

At the end there is a quiz.

Now I would like you to practise this a bit more to help you become fluent.



Mild – 1 star

Hot – 2 star

Flaming Hot – 3 star

Here are the answers for later: differentiated-activity-sheets answers




I would like you to wrap up warm and go on a walk, even if it’s raining.  If it is raining then wear your wellies and go and splash in those puddles on your walk. If it’s not raining then why not spot any spring bulbs coming up on your way. Are there any flowers out at the moment and if so what are they?

Enjoy your walk and fresh air.

Have a great day.

Love, Mrs G. 🌈💜