Good morning Oak Class! Welcome to Tuesday’s online learning! Today is Safer Internet day – I will mention it later on in the blog. There is a live lesson on at 11am:,18RYI,4DUNJA,4H163,1

Don’t forget we are having a live maths lesson this morning at 9:00am – set your alarm! 

Here is today’s Explorer instalment:


Today we are continuing looking at multiplication. We are going to complete calculations and word problems that involve short multiplication.

LI – To use short multiplication to solve word problems

If you can’t make the live lesson here is a power point presentation of what we would have covered:

Tuesday 9th Feb Maths Lesson Presentation

Now choose which page you want to complete:

Tuesday 9th Feb Maths Mild and Spicy

Mild – Abacus Textbook 2 p29 Q1-8

Spicy  – Abacus Textbook 2 p29 complete the whole page

Tuesday 9th Feb Maths Hot

Hot – Abacus Textbook 2 p29 Q8-12 then complete p28

Here are the answers:

Maths Tuesday answers


In English today we are going to look at fronted adverbials. Watch the video below:

LI – To identify and use fronted adverbials

For your work you can choose one activity from the list below:

Spot the adverbial Spot the Adverbial

How did it happen? How Did It Happen

Writing adverbials Fronted Adverbials Writing Prompt


I’m expecting you to need to finish off your exercise investigation. If you need any of the sheets look back at yesterday’s blog. You should be on the writing up what you found out and presenting your results.


Safer Internet day

Here is a Safer internet day assembly for you to watch:

Now look at the link below and work through the slides.

Oak Class Safer Internet day

This is another good video to watch:


Like last week I am giving you a choice of three different activities. You can do a Joe Wicks PE lesson of your choice or Monday’s session. This is the link for Joe Wicks’ Monday session:

Or you can do a different type of PE called Circuit training which is similar to Joe Wicks but you can do this version if you fancy a change:

Yoga session for teens with Adrienne

Or you can do Mr Garvey’s session, his sessions can be found separately on the class blog.

Stilling time

For Stilling Time I would like you to look at Mrs O’Donnell’s post.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me either on or as I will be checking both accounts.

Enjoy your learning!


Mrs Poole