Good morning everyone – last day for me with you until after Easter!

These are my three hens, one is sunbathing! Can you spot the other two? Team points to the first person who can tell me what colours the other two are!


Just like in the Maths SATs we are going to solve some word problems as you would do in the Reasoning paper. Read the questions carefully, make sure you understand what calculation you need to do and the process to be followed to get the answer, remember you may be required to round up or down your answer. I would like everyone to have a go at all the questions today, please.

Maths word problems Tuesday


Reread The Ancient Mariner and then we’re looking at the rhyme scheme and rhythm of the poem. The link below has all the information you need to complete the activity.

Rhyme and Rhythm Pattern Worksheet


Complete a Joe Wicks workout – I’m doing it everyday and can really feel the difference! Try doing a new activity if possible, Bronnie and I have been developing our badminton skills!

Stilling Time

Yesterday we started thinking about choosing. Can you think back to any choices you have made in the last twenty-four hours? Did you choose what to eat or wear? Which order to do your work in? I would like you to choose a well-known story or nursery rhyme and retell it in a different way – you could say the story aloud, draw the story, mime the story or you can change the characters, ending, middle or beginning of the story. It’s your choice!!

Have a great day and remember you can email me or message me!

Happy Easter!!


Mrs Poole